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[ Hand-painted Commercial Signage ]

“Signs of Baton Rouge”

by Paul Dean, Culture Candy’s Sweet Tooth Magazine

“The Drive-By Gallery”

by Alex V. Cook, Country Roads Magazine

“Sign Language”

by Amy Alexander, 225 Magazine

[ LSU Graphic Design ]

“Designed to Sell”

by Aaron Looney, LSU Web Highlights

[ Marsh Dog ]

Dogged Determination

by Kelli Bozeman, InRegister Magazine

“Nutria Biscuits with a Purpose”

by Steve Babcock, The Bear Deluxe Magazine

“Biscuit with a Purpose”

Louisiana Public Broadcasting - Louisiana: The State We’re In

“Canine Conservation Corps”

by Mary Ann Sternberg, Country Roads Magazine

[ Katrina ]

Good Deed Comes Home to Roost”

by Sheila Stroup, The Times-Picayune

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