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The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge. —Seymour Papert

Thanks for doing such a terrific job with the seniors this year!

—Rod Parker, Director of the LSU School of Art & Design

Sarah and I were honored to be “class clients.” Your students are very talented and have a bright future ahead of them!

—Shelton Jones, class client 

Veni, I just wanted to say thank you for the work you are putting in on these class projects.
I have heard nothing but great reviews. I want you to know that the LBTC and I are
onboard and willing to help with whatever you need. 
The tenants are really happy with what your students are doing.

—Charlie D’Agostino, Director, LSU Louisiana Business Technology Center

Thank you for the experience and for your insight and instruction this semester. I will definitely use things you've
taught me in dealings with clients. We've written a questionnaire for clients regarding jobs which is making things smoother already, and I've become more confident and direct with clients through this experience. Thank you!! 

—Brandon Routh, student

I cannot express in words how appreciative I am for your hard work and dedication to the STAR project this semester.
You all went above and beyond for this assignment and it really shows.
Everything from the logo to the posters to the website was created with our center’s needs and wishes in mind.
Veni - Thank you so much for making this project possible.
These materials will help our new center prosper and attract clients in desperate need of our services.
On behalf of our staff members, community partners, and clients, I thank you for your professionalism and creativity. 

—Racheal Hebert, Director, STAR

Great job! All the way around!!!

Ewell Smith, Executive Director, Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board

Veni! You are such a good teacher! I was very impressed with the student presentations.
Thanks for inviting me. Your students are very talented!

—Jewel Hampton, Art Director, LSU Office of Public Relations


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